Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Sport Jersey Day!

Last week, we had Sport Jersey Day!  We wore our favourite jerseys and we celebrated the meaning of teamwork!  Flat Stanley joined in on the fun!  Each student decided on his/her favourite sport.  We dressed Flat Stanley/Stella in a Sport Jersey too!  Then your child had to persuade Mrs. O that his/her sport is the absolute best!  I saw many reasons why hockey is the best!  Cheer too!  Skating, basketball, skiing, soccer, name it, we LOVE it!  I became very persuaded to try each I just have to get brave enough to do it! 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Snow Day Activities

A few Mondays ago, we had a snow day!  Many activities for learning and fun came together that day.  One activity in particular that impressed me a great deal was the step-by-step art activity that Mrs. Hammond did with our kids.  I joined in to help out.  She read an engaging version of "Jack and the Beanstalk" to the group.  We asked questions along the way to check for understanding.  Then, she took us through a step-by-step drawing of a giant, showing perspective and size.  The kids had to really focus and listen.  They had to follow instructions carefully to create their giants.  What a great activity for patience, time, attention to detail and listening.  It's always great to have a story and to share adventures together.....and it's even greater to be able to do such a cool art activity too!  Many levels of learning happened that day.  Here are a few of the drawings that we did!

"Kups for Kids!"

We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to Miss Gill for organizing a fun morning of painting last week!  Our "Kups for Kids" event was a ton of fun!  While painting these cups, we were mindful of the women and children in need of homes and care.  As always, I'm very moved by the empathy shown when our kids partake in projects such as these.  Thank you families for raising your kids with empathy and for supporting such a great cause.  The cups turned out great!  We'll be excited to see the finished products when they return to us in April!

Flat Stanley......from Iowa to California!

Flat Stanley went on an amazing adventure with Blake's cousins!  And guess what??!!!  They even wrote a storybook along the way!  Flat Stanley saw some amazing things......he wanted to take a lot of risks too!  In the storybook, he noticed a fountain at Stanford University that had red water in it and it looked like Kool-aid!  He said he wanted to jump in....."but he didn't".  When in San Francisco, he visited Alcatraz!  He said he wanted to swim out to the prison but there were sharks in the water....."so he didn't".  Just like a Robert Munsch book, Blake's cousins repeat an important part of the story with each new page and each new adventure.  At the end of the story though, when he made it to California for Thanksgiving dinner, Flat Stanley noticed a delicious pumpkin pie!  He wanted to dive right in and eat it....."so he did!!!"  What an awesome idea for a Flat Stanley project!  Blake's Flat Stanley had an amazing adventure AND Blake now has quite a keepsake!  A big thank you goes out to Blake's family for creating this book! 

Flat Stanley visited cool places like Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., The Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood Blvd. and the haunted Hearst Castle!  Very cool indeed!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Flat Stanley visited London, England!

Spencer's cousins Claire, James and Helene hosted Flat Stanley and gave him an adventure of a lifetime in England!  He shopped for Christmas on Oxford Street, visited the Marble Arch, passed by Buckingham Palace and caught a glimpse of Big Ben!  THEN......he hopped on an airplane to come home to Spencer WITH his cousins!  What a great surprise that was!  They spent New Year's together here in Collingwood and made some great memories!

Thank you, Ms. Davey!

We were so lucky to have Ms. Davey join us in our classroom before the Christmas holidays!!!  She brought ALL of the supplies needed to create these adorable Santas and we had SO MUCH fun with her while making them.  We hope you enjoyed your Christmas gifts courtesy of Ms. Davey and your creative, loving kiddies! 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Flat Stanley went to JAIL!!!!!

Ryan spent a weekend in jail with Flat Stanley!  Oh no!  Not to worry.......they were just visiting thanks to the generosity of Constable Dineen in Collingwood.  She gave Ryan and Flat Stanley a wonderful tour of the Collingwood Police Station.  They sat in the front of a police car and they also went on a police boat!  They got to go into a jail cell too!!! 

Sport Jersey Day!

Last week, we had Sport Jersey Day!  We wore our favourite jerseys and we celebrated the meaning of teamwork!  Flat Stanley joined in on the...